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I am a software engineer based in Switzerland, with experience in frontend frameworks and backend development.

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C# / ASP.NET Core

C# strikes the ideal balance for backend projects and APIs with high-speed requirements and an organized project structure, making it very easy to combine with a choice of frontend frameworks such as React or Vue.

Showcase project: WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire
Number of repositories: 3



NodeJS presents itself as an opportunity for me to focus on the functionality of an application and let my host as well as the underlying frameworks take care of the details. Real-time applications are a breeze with this language and it provides the foundation for frontend applications as well.

Showcase project: Portfolio
Number of repositories: 24



I've used Python in many projects, from automation to machine learning, as well as implementing RESTful APIs to connect my web apps to. The well-structured syntax and good selection of frameworks enable rapid development of modern applications.

Showcase project: CarRanker
Number of repositories: 33



Recog and projects like it require more structure and type-safety than languages like Javascript and Python provide, which is why I've chosen to use it in all my larger-scale projects to ensure a well structured and thought-out codebase.

Showcase project: Im17A
Number of repositories: 9



Vue is a fantastic alternative to React, and one I enjoy using for smaller projects as it handles a lot of things for me. Landing pages and small hobby projects have been a breeze with this modern frontend framework.

Showcase project: Hyperlinkr
Number of repositories: 7


About Me

18 years/Associate's Degree

My name is RaviAnand Mohabir. I'm a fullstack developer & freelancer in Switzerland. I'm passionate about technology and media and pretty much anything that runs this digital world.

I am currently a fullstack junior developer at BlueMouse GmbH and the founder of Jenyus Org, working on Recog. I also maintain a couple of open-source projects and am always learning new technologies & frameworks.

For fullstack development I focus on technologies that create the best experience for the users and the developer. I started using React & Vue in the frontend to build out many of my projects, and primarily use NodeJS in the backend. This stack allows me to build rich user experiences rapidly and make projects maintainable. This site is built on top of the Gatsby framework using React & Javascript.

I'm always looking for new projects to work on - if you're a small business owner looking for a landing page, internal management tool or the sorts, or just want to get in touch, feel free to reach out and let's chat.

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